Thistle and Clover Class get dramatic!

This morning Thistle and Clover class have been enjoying some drama during their learning time. Faye visited us to work with both classes and a huge amount of fun was had by everyone as they pretended to be a variety of characters, exploring their creative skills.

Here are some photos of the children having a fantastic time. Do please ask them what they were enjoying!:

Songs now online!

As promised, here are a couple of clips from the songs we recorded on Friday. I think they sound wuper, well done everyone! CDs can be ordered from the office and the order form can be downloaded from the school website HERE Enjoy…

My fabulous summer holiday!

We went to London to see my dad race in the London Triathlon and my cousin Liam was there. And after that we went to the Natural History Museum and my favourite thing was the dolphins!

I also went camping to Dorset with my cousin Liam and Grandma and Grandad we found lots of fossils on Lyme Regis beach and we swam in the sea.

Also during the summer holidays I went to tennis camp it is lots of fun.

It was my birthday on the 16th of August, I had a party we went to the cinema in Trowbridge then to a lovely restaurant. Afterwards we went to the park.

I went to Ruby’s party at Woodland adventure and my favourite part was when  Ruby’s mum got chased by a pig! It was very funny.

Afterwards I went back to Ruby’s house for a sleepover it was lots and lots of fun. We had a midnight feast  and we had pancakes for breakfast they were yummy!.

At the end of the holidays I spent the day with my friend Amelia I went to their house to play and have dinner.

The next day Amelia came to our house for the day. We went to the cinema and watched a funny film in 3D we had to wear special glasses.

We had pizza after and played in the park.

I really enjoyed my summer holiday!!.


My Holiday To Snowdonia

I am staying in a cottage in Snowdonia there are lots of mountains and sheep in our
garden. So far I have been to Electric Mountain, Great Orme Mine, Harlech Castle and lots of beaches.

Electric Mountain is a power station that is powered by water and was built in a mountain.

Great Orme Copper Mine is a Bronze Age mine that was dug 4,000 years ago by hand using stones and animal bones.

Harlech Castle was built on a cliff surrounded by sea 700 years ago.

I’m having a brilliant time hear.