Fiv sentence Challenge

My ps4 is so good the sound is epic.                                                                                        My scooter is so fast the wils can go fast i soom past people

i got a Xbox 360. for chrismas because i was good at howpt  my  daddy to do the woshin.

I help my daddy pant id the hels  it is bloo i in jojd it.

I got a bic for chrismas i got Los of presuns.


3 thoughts on “Fiv sentence Challenge

  1. Hello Theo.
    With all those presents you had, you must’ve been very good indeed. Well done for helping daddy with the washing up. Thank you for sharing your writing here and I hope to see your work again.

  2. Wow Theo, it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Well done on using your phonic knowledge to help you spell words- What a superstar.

  3. WOW! theo You do some good writing that PS4 looks cool do you have mindcraft on it you are a superstar i bet you had a good xmas mine was really exiting i hope you have a good time on your swegway bye bye theo hope you haveagood time at school.

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