five sentence challange

My brand new swegway is  amazing   because   it   goes   very   fast.

We  have   a  new   topic   and it is   called   the    magic   toymaker.

I  am  playing star  wars   with  my   friends  and  it  is   fun.

I am  playing football   outside   of school    and   i am   enjoying   it.

I  like  doing   maths     and     english   and    sums  .

2 thoughts on “five sentence challange

  1. Hello Wesley.
    Have you got a favourite football team?
    These is a super sentences. Next time, see if you can start them off with something different.

  2. Amazing Wesley! I would get scared if I tried out a Segway, so you must be very brave! Good work! Who is your favourite football team?

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