Five sentence challenge

I had pokemon  cars they  are so  col .                                                                                    I got a x box  one  it is so a mazing .                                                                                         Igot a DvD  it is so blasting .                                                                                                       We  got a blac a maing  cat it is freniee                                                                                    r new  topic  is toy shop.

3 thoughts on “Five sentence challenge

  1. Hello Megan
    . How exciting that you’ve your topic is toys that fits in beautifully with all the things you’ve listed here in your five sentence challenge. Well done for taking part this time I hope to see your work again.

  2. Hello Megan,
    Well done for using a variety of adjectives to describe your toys, and how your sentences connect and links to the topic. You are a very lucky girl for receiving all those goodies.
    Your sentences are very clear, however, pay close attention to punctuation and capital letters, otherwise you have nailed the challenge!!

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