five sentence challenge

For Christmas I got a new toy called an X box 1S because I’ve always wanted it, it’s so brilliant I can’t believe I got it.

I love our new topic it is called ‘The Magic Toymaker’ we learnt about toys.

I brought in clip and carry Pikachu and Evee.

Yesterday we went berry picking it was so fun, would you like to come too ?

We are learning about Victorian toys, we drew our toys, it was fun.


2 thoughts on “five sentence challenge

  1. Hello Megan. I love Victorian toys and I think they are so special. As for coming berry picking with you that would be super. I might eat some though if that’s alright!

  2. Cool! This was really good – I loved reading about all your new things.
    Next time it would be even better if you linked your sentences together to tell a story.
    Megan – the X Box sounds amazing. What do you think are the main differences between your presents and presents back in Victorian times?

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