Five Sentence Challenge

For christmas I got some lava Lego because I was really good.

My new topic is the magic toymaker.

At Christmas I played with my nana.

My new year resolution is do more exercise.

Our new display is a toy shop.

5 thoughts on “Five Sentence Challenge

  1. Hello Angus.
    The sentences are really good. Each of them is different and each of them makes sense. I like the idea of you exercising more in 2017. Thank you so much for sharing your writing on the 5SC.

  2. Hi Angus, it sounds like you had an amazing Christmas. Can you write a small story about the person who makes the toys, they might have a New Years’ resolution as well? Happy writing… Ash

  3. Angus, these are great sentences that make sense and well done for remembering to use capital letters and full stops. Maybe you could link these sentences using conjunctions

  4. Hi Angus,
    Your good behavior really did pay off!
    The magic toymaker sounds like it will be a lot of fun as your new topic and I hope that you really enjoy it. Your use of the 5 sentences worked really well as you were able to give a lot of information with such a small amount of words! Keep it up! Hopefully you will be able to give more information about your new topic soon.
    Have fun exercising!

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