Five Sentence Challenge

My brand new 3D pens are brilliant because they can allow me to draw in the air !

With Megan I should my Pokemon on Pokemon Go.

Our Clover Class topic is ‘The Magic Toymaker’, I learnt that Victorian toys were made out of wood and metal.

My New Years resolution is to keep learning.

On New Years Day I slept at Jacob’s and Megan’s Nanna’s house and when me, Megan and Jacob we were in a Pokemon mood because it the 2nd of January , it was fun because we played together.



3 thoughts on “Five Sentence Challenge

  1. Hello Heath.
    What a wonderful new year resolution that is to keep learning. I think I’m going to take that for my resolution as well.
    I love new pens but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of 3-D pens. Can you tell me more about them?

  2. We loved reading this at Roehampton University. What is your favourite Pokemon? Our favourite is Nine Tails. Be careful with your spelling did you mean to say “showed” instead of “should”?

  3. hi heath. good new years resolution to keep learning.
    3-d pens sound fun I have never heard of them . pokemon must be pretty cool.

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