Five sentence challenge

My headphones were new because I got them for Christmas.

I like them because they are fun.

I put them in Mum’s phone and I listen to music.

They are pink and white.

I play with them in the lounge.

5 thoughts on “Five sentence challenge

  1. Hello Alice.
    Those headphones sound really really smart. One of my favourite colours is pink so I’m sure I would like them too. Happy listening!

  2. I like that all your sentences focus on the lovely earphones you received for Christmas they link well together, well done ! Next time try using connectives to develop your sentences further.

  3. Hi Alice!
    I’m glad you enjoy listening with your new earphones, and I like the detail that you have put about Then, they sound lovely!
    Try adding some connectives or describing words to your sentences.

  4. Wow Alice this is fantastic work. I love how each of your five sentences relate to the same topic. Well done for using a capital letter for ‘Christmas’ and ‘Mum’, (a lot of my class forget that).

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