five sentence challenge

My  new Yo-yo  panda  is  lovely  because  she is relay  play full  and  fun!

My new topic is magic  because  it is all about toys and how they work.

my new game  with my friend is zoos because we both like animals.

I am starting Brownies because I have all ready reached the end of Rainbows.

My new years restitution   is to dance every day.

by Millie

6 thoughts on “five sentence challenge

  1. Hello Millie.
    Thank you so much for sharing these lovely sentences.
    I was a brownie and went on to become a guide and then a ranger, so I hope you enjoy it too.
    I love the idea of you dancing every day!

  2. Hello Millie,
    Lovely writing you have done, your Yo Yo panda sounds like great fun but I would like to know how it looks like. Maybe you can write a sentence about its colour and how big it is!!!
    Magic is such an amazing and fun topic, do you think that toys are magical?
    You have used great connectives in your writing!!
    Next time make sure that you use capital letters for all the sentences.

  3. Millie,

    I hope you dance every day because I love watching you!

    I am sure you will become a good Brownie and will have lots of badges.

  4. 1.2.17
    Hi Millie hope you are enjoying brownies .It is nice to here that you have been enjoying Brownies .Good idea to dance every day you are a great dancer yoyo panda sounds fun.

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