five sentence challenge

A man is standing  by  the bus  because   he  is waiting    to    get on  it.

The  horses   are   waiting for   there   rider   to  go   and   have  a   ride   around   the   village

The   lorry   has   broke  down   because it   has   got   no   fuel.

All   the   people   live   in   the   same    house    and    they   all    love    each   other.

The   villagers  are   having   a   bit   of    an   argu    because     they    have    no    money.

One thought on “five sentence challenge

  1. Hello Wesley
    You have really thought hard about your sentences. I love the way you have told me it is because the lorry has no fuel that it has broken down. What do you think the villagers might do about not having any money?
    Well done for all these really super sentences!

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