five sentence challenge

At the holidays I went to Dobbies bought two Lottie dolls. The weather was sunny and a bit cloudy but it was very cold. I didn’t bring any toys with me. I didn’t bring any equipment because it was a shop. I have enjoyed playing with my Lottie dolls and changing their chlothes. I really enjoyed my holiday and I really want to do the same things again.

By Millie!

I went to Norway and we had to go on a Thomson airway plane.

One thing I could not leave is my teddy turtle Einstein because he is very inportant to me.

We needed to take a lot of ski gear  because it was very cold as -20 degrees celseeis.

We stayed in a warm cosy cabin with stairs that I  loved to hang on.

It took us a whole day of travelling and Daniel had in his bag.

by Jessica

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