five sentence challenge

What a lovely world of flowers there is!

There is an angel preying to a frog and the frog is ribbiting to the dogs.

The two dogs are kissing because they want to get married.

A girl and a boy are looking down a well and at all of the coins while a knone is coming to life.

I have not been to a garden center to buy flowers for a long time. by Millie!


4 thoughts on “five sentence challenge

  1. Hello Millie!
    Even though you haven’t been to a garden centre for a while, you have really describe this picture very well.
    I love the idea of the frog ribbiting!
    Well done and keep up the good work.

    • Dear Mrs Skinner, thanks for the comment I love it! I will keep up the hard work. I wonder if you have been to a garden center reasently.

  2. Hello Millie, what dress will the dog were? Is the angel flying, golden or white?
    Very good post next time try to use question marks. Well done.

    • Hi Mya, thanks for the comment the girl dog is wearing a long and white dress and the boy dog is wearing a black top a white bowtie and a sparkily red long hat.

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