Flat Stanley

In Clover class we have been reading Flat Stanley and we thought you might like to know a bit more about the book in case you’d like to read it.

Flat Stanley is a very unique person because he is flat. Stanley became flat because a very heavy notice board fell on him in the night. He is 1 inch thick and 4 feet tall.

Stanley caught some painting thieves when they were trying to steal the most expensive painting in the world. He disguised himself as Little Bo Peep in a painting and he saw them come through a trap door in the floor. In the morning Stanley got a medal for his bravery and courage.

Stanley has a bright, fiery, red jumper with a white stripe across his waist. He has baby blue trousers and silver shoes with white shoelaces like spaghetti.

Flat Stanley perseveres and is generous and positive. He can slide under doors very easily. He is able to slip under wheels, trays and bins.

You should read this story because it is funny and interesting. We think this book would be enjoyed by many people and we loved it because he helped people and he was kind.

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