garden center

What a nice garden  center this is!

There  is a big grey well filled of water.

There is a little green gnome.

There are two rely cute dogs siting as still as a statues.

There is a little gnome home where the gnome lives.

By Eleanor

9 thoughts on “garden center

  1. Hi Eleanor
    Fabulous work you really made us imagine the scene . I love the describing , next time try to put more into the sentences .

  2. Hello Eleanor your piece of work is fantastic really think it fit’s with the the picture love the part when you say “there are two rely cute dogs siting as still as statues” however next time try to write really properly how did you think of the bit when you said about the gnome house?

  3. Dear Eleanor,

    This a butifull peace of writting I love all your Ambitious Vocaulary! How do come up with such good ideas?

  4. Well done! Your work is wonderful I think you tried very hard. I liked the one where it said about the two dogs sitting as still as statues. How come you are so good ? Next time try and remember to check that all your spellings are correct but apart from that it was wonderful !

  5. Hi Eleanor,
    wow your work is amazing. I like the bit where you describe the well. what made you think that the home belonged to the gnome?0

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