Interesting facts about England

Can you please reply to this post with a comment and write at least two interesting facts about our country so that our international friends can learn more about us.

9 thoughts on “Interesting facts about England

  1. England beat the world 3-2 to because it was 2-2 so they had to do penalty shoot out and England scored 1 goal.In England it is not nice because the weather is really bad like rain.

  2. England is the 43 biggest country in the world.
    The queen of England lives in Buckingham palace in London.

  3. Queen Elizebeth lives in Buckingham palice in London.

    We are quite a small country and it is not an island but the Uk is an island.

  4. The capital of England is London .Most of time weather is rainy weather it,s sunny not most of the time.The Queen is the most in portent. Fish and chips is are national food.
    Football is a famous sport in England.

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