Mini beasts


Mini beasts are small creatures or bugs that can live on land or in water. They don’t have a backbone which makes them an invertebrates .Most can swim,walk or fly.


A snail is a small creature that has a slimy body called a foot. They also have a shell that they can hide in when they feel threatened. These slimy creatures like to live in dark  places so you might find them clinging to the bottom of logs. Snails aren’t fussy eaters as they will eat any leaf except a stinging nettle.  All snails move along the slimy trail that they make. Snails only move at 45 meters per hour! A snail lives up to about 25 years.


A ladybird is a small beetle that moves around by flying with it’s small wings. You might find ladybirds in bushes in your garden as they like the greenery. They eat aphids and other types of ladybirds.  Adult ladybirds only get their spots when they come out of their pupa.

Crane fly

Crane fly’s are like small spiders that are only about one inch long. They have six creepy legs. A crane fly likes like to live in dark places.Crane fly’s like to eat roots of plants .


Spiders are little Arachnids that have  8 legs. They live in any place in the world apart from the arctic. Spiders eat flying insects. They walk with their 8 legs. There are over 4000 types of spiders.


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