Introduction a mini beast  is a bug or a creature . Some don’t have skeleton inside it is outside to shed their  skin and are called invertebrates .


snail’s look like a slimy creature . They have a slimy body which is called a foot and a shell to protect them .Some snail’s live in the dark  damp places . All snail’s eat leas .Lots of snail  mack a slimy path to go on. Snail’s  have eye on their feeler’s and small feeler’s to smell.



A ladybird’s is a kind of beetie  with  rosy red wing’s black spot’s.

Lot’s of Ladybird’s  Live in light.

Ladybirds eat tiny Insects  called aphid or  Leas.

Ladybird fly most of the time .

A ladybird are bright colours so birds don’t  eat them



bee’s have black strips and yellow and white .

Some live in large groups called colonies.

Honey bees eat honey too.

They move by flying.

Bees can only sting once then they die.

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