Mini beasts live in  water and land.                                                                                        Mini beasts are small creatures they  need shelter and water and food air  just  like animals . Mini beasts  are creatures like  snails,  bees and spiders.


They have  a  slimy body  cold a fox.and a shell  on there  back .Snails live  in dark  damp  places  like the  woods.  the  snail eats leaves . They live for 5-25 years. Snail have eyes on top of there feelers.


Spiders have 8 legs  and don’t  have antennae like insects.They live nearly  any  were  except  cold places .All spiders eat flies  from  there  webs .Spiders crawl  very  fast like a fast animals. Spiders are arachnids, they give you a red rash.


Ladybirds are often bright colours with spots.

They live near gardens, mountains, meadows and deserts.

They eat a aphids  and plants.They move by walking or flying .They have a  hard shell which protects their wings.  A ladybird is a kind of beetle.

By Benedict

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