A mini beast  is a small creature or bug that lives on the land or in water.

They need shelter, water, food and air just like other animals.

Mini beasts move in different ways some walk ,some fly and some swim.



They have one slimy body called a foot and a hard shell that protects them.

A snail lives in dark damp places.

The snails always eat leaves.

Snails move very slowly by sliding along a slimy trail that they have made.

They like wet weather.

The snails live for 5-25 years.



Ants have 6 legs and 2 body parts.

An ant lives in a large groups called colonies.

Ants eat meat and plants.

They do not have ears instead they feel movemnets through their feet.

Ants are very strong .



They have eight legs.

They are arachnids.

Spiders live in webs which are made from silk. Spiders eat flying insects which are caught in their webs. They crawl to walk. The arachnids are scorpions, mites and ticks.

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