Minibeasts are small bugs or creatures that can be found on land or in water. They need shelter,water,food and air just like us.Some mini beasts can walk,fly or swim.


These slimy creatures have a slimy body called a foot and a hard shell which is there home.Snails can be found in dark damp places because that’s were they live.It eats green juice leaves.They make  slimy silver trails to help them move.All snails move 45 metres an hour.They live up to 5-25 years.


Ladybirds are often bright colours which warns other animals and birds not to eat them.Some ladybirds are red with black spots and some are black and brown with white spots.They live were they can find food to eat.Most ladybirds look for greenflies to eat but some kinds eat leaves.They move by walking and flying.There are 42 to different tipes of ladybirds in the united kingdom.


Bees live in hives in groups called colonies.Some bees are black with yellow stripe’s and some are black with white stripe’s.They eat nectar and sweet sticky stuff found in flowers.Bees move by flying.When bees sting they die.There are 900 cells in a bees brain.There are two different types of bees bumble bees and honey bees.Bees live in hives and talk to other bees by dancing.

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