A mini beast is a small creature or bug that can walk, fly or swim.It can live on water or land.They need water,food and air just like us.


A snail is a bug with a slimy body called a foot and it has a shell on it’s back .You would find a snail in dark damp places.They eat any type of leaf apart from stinging nettles.Snails move by producing slime . The snails move only at 45 meters per hour .All snails like wet.Some live for 5-25 years.


Bees have black and yellow stripes.They live in hives in big groups called colinines and there can be 5,000 bees in colininse  all around the UK.It can eat lots and lots of necter. The bees can fly in big groups.All bees talk and gide others by dancing.There are two types of be bumbel bee and hony bee .Some make food for people.

laidy bird


Ladybirds are colourful creatures with black spots. They live on the stems of plants. The ladybirds eat plants and aphids. Some ladybirds walk or fly. It can have up to 24 spots. A shell protects the wings.


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