A minibeast  is a small creature that lives on land or water. They

don`t have a backbone or a skeleton so they are called invertebrates.


A snail can come in different shapes and and sizes. These slimy

creatures eat all leaves. They have a slimy body called a foot and a hard shell which it uses to protect itself.Snails make a silver trail

so they can they slide along it. They move at only 45 meters

per hour. You would normally find a snail in a dark,damp,muddy



A ladybird is a small beetle that has small round black spots

You would normally find a ladybird in a garde n.If your lucky you

might see a brown ladybird! Ladybirds eat a small green bug called aphids.They move by walking and flying.Some ladybirds

when they are larvae and when theirs not many aphids around

they  eat each other.


A bee is a small black and yellow striped insect

that stings people. Bees live in a yellow building called a hive this is were all the honey is made. They move by flying. Bees eat yellow sticky stuff called nectar.When a bee stings some one it will die. by Daisy


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