My Holiday To Snowdonia

I am staying in a cottage in Snowdonia there are lots of mountains and sheep in our
garden. So far I have been to Electric Mountain, Great Orme Mine, Harlech Castle and lots of beaches.

Electric Mountain is a power station that is powered by water and was built in a mountain.

Great Orme Copper Mine is a Bronze Age mine that was dug 4,000 years ago by hand using stones and animal bones.

Harlech Castle was built on a cliff surrounded by sea 700 years ago.

I’m having a brilliant time hear.

3 thoughts on “My Holiday To Snowdonia

  1. Thank you for leaving such an interesting post, Daniel. I love Snowdonia, but I didn’t know that Harlech castle was built on a cliff so long ago! Have you been hill walking while you were there?

  2. Wow Daniel, you are certainly having a busy and active summer holiday! Thank you for your informative post, I learnt lots about the area from reading it. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

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