My Snowy Sunday

It snowed today in Trowbridge. Mummy, Daisy and me went for walk at the field with our dog Penny. The grass was muddy I slipped two times and jumped up and down in a massive muddy puddle. It was time to go home. Daddy made breakfast. We brought the duvet down and it snow again but we didn’t go outside. I read my book and had a big bubbly bath. Then me and Daisy heard some story book cd’s called Jack and the incredibly mean stalk, Rapunzel and her ever so shiny locks and Snow White and the seven dart frogs, they were brilliant books! Then we had a roast dinner for tea it was delicious and Yorkshire puddings are my favourite food yum yum! Then we watched a Christmas film called Jingle all The Way. How was your Sunday? Did it snow where you live?

From Willow x

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