old freshford

What a old fashion picture this is!

The blue ocean water is gleaming in the pond.

The watermill is spinning around like a fidget-spinner .

The thatched roof of the yellow house has a bird with white feathers is making its nest on the house.

There is a boat  softly  floating with a boy laying inside!

4 thoughts on “old freshford

  1. I very much enjoyed reading this Heath, fantastic use of adjectives. Your simile about the watermill spinning around ‘like a fidget spinner’ was really great as I could imagine it happening.

  2. Well done Heath. I love how you opened your piece of work with a exclamation of how old the picture is. You even remembered that means you need to use an exclamation mark (!). Good use of comparisons between the mill spinning and a fidget spinner. Maybe next time you could use some adjectives to explain how they are spinning?

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