Our Entry Point

Clover class have been having all sorts of fun learning about their new topic, plants. To begin they all went to our local nursery at Downside to talk to the experts about the plants that they had there. The children were even able to buy some to bring back and plant around our school. It all made for a very special start to their topic!


what  a   great   picture  that  is!

There  is a  labrador    trying   to   fight the bulldog to get in the well.

In the tearooms they are  selling pork pies and bacon buttys.

The beautiful flowers are glistening in the hot temperature.

The wishing well is full of shining 1 pounds and 2 pounds.

There   are    some    very   nice    and    old    fashoined  orniments   in   the    corner.

Garden Centre

What beautiful rosy red flowers in the garden centre !

There is a puppy and a cub sniffing each other.

What a beautiful pink dress a girl has.

Some people are telling jokes to each other.

There are two men talking to each other.

By Ben

Garden Time

The pretty red roses are in a little basket.

The colourful flowers are in the old wheelbarrow.

The cute smelly dogs is telling jokes.

The lovely fairy is praying to God.

The boy and girl are getting water.

By Alice


I see yellow sun gleaming flowers.

There are two cute dogs.

there are people talking by the garden shop.

There are three dogs smelling each other.

there are lots of flowers.


What a fuzzy little puppy that is!

The house next to the well is shine,green and beautiful like a flower!

How I see the lovely sunshine glimining on the roof.

Two people are getting married  so they need some flowers wich ones do you think they will choose?

A little girl called Meghan is holding a lead of an alsation.

By Megan

Gordon center

What a beautiful picture it is !

There is a fairy gnome by the wishing well.

The flowers are all different colours of the rainbow.

There are two cute dogs.

There are lots of flowers by the entrance.

By Harriet


The bright red flowers are shining  in the  bright orange sun! The girls dress is like a shining red light about to set on fire with big flames birsting. The people are buying flowers for a wedding that’s going to be the best wedding ever. The deep deep deep well is over 10,000 feet tall. the world can’t even fit in it’s so big! The gigantic church is going ding dong ding dong like it never had before!