ramp nation skatepark robbed !

One morning three boys called Rowan,Wesley and Harry escaped from there houses and robbed ramp nation ” but where would we hide it all ” said harry oh I have a good idea said Wesley ” We can hide them in the locker room no one is here ” ”Good idea said Rowan . Then the three boys went into the skatepark and started riding there scooters so fast that there helmets fell off when they went down the slide of death . The slide of death went as fast as Rowans Lamborghini which went 297 MPH ”it crashed and the repairers fixed his exhaust when he crashed it”.

by Rowan , Harry and Wesley

Candy land

Once a pon a time a Boy named A.J.  he billt a candy portal made out of candy and he went though it and he saw lots of candy. The portal took him far far away to a different Dimension and his portal crashed down. After his portal crashed down the lights went out and a candy sheep jumped scurd them.He saw all of the candy but were should we hid it all? I said to my self quietly so I found a little spot in the lift but later in the day had ended so I fixt up the portal and I huged my teddy.

By Megan and Jacob

The mad chicken unicorn!

In the hedge lived a chicken unicorn named Chick Quack.

The chicken unicorn was mad about doughnuts and he had loads.

He said to his freinds”But were would we hide it all?”

They all said “In a darck ,damp hedge!”

They ate lots and lots and lots of delicious doughnuts.

It was fun playing in the garden but they were too tired so they went to the shop and bought some more doughnuts.

They had 9000000000000000000 yummy doughnuts.


After they were eating they had 800000000000000096 left.

They put them back in the hedge and lots and lots of freinds came to eat them.


by Eleanor and Grace!

news report ghosts

one night in Bradford ghost were killing people  and came from a land called: 509998700 land. in 5 weeks they’ll return to England to kill the queen more Gards about 500 to stop them the will look like king Joe but his face invisible so look out . the mutts  were ghosts but  they died because a man called Londasala  ran 2000000 over for now  but there are 1111111 left . The  dead body’s turned into more ghosts . Ghost destroyed 500000000 buildings  only 9000000000000 was left now men is going crazy wacking there feather duster about but now there extincted but there are 100 more ghosts in the wild. more from charlie and heath report bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.



Ghost Picture

The  people  are  going    to   the  shop. There  is  lots  of  house  and  people. What are the  people  doing? The  house  is  glowing .The  people are  wearing weird clothes.

Are the  people  ghost? There is  zombies  and   ghost. The people are trying to be ghost..

One of the people has got a small heads.. The ghost are sort of invisible.

Are they having a disco ? Why are they still awake ?

Are there children ?  There is food for sale. Is there cars ? The buildings are tall.  One of the guys is invisible. Some of the ghosts have got no head. Are they doping a dance?

By Jacob and Rowan.

100 word challang

The streets are busy and full with people rushing to the shops before they shut every single one.There is lots of house lit rite to the top.There is some Ghosts .There  is some ghosts walking throe the dark dark dark streets jumpskering  people so they did jumpskering every one . The ghosts are doing a ghost bogy in the town . “everybody run”so they did run rushing to the shopps  oh on hellp me some one gust hehp me I’m getting eaten by them place help help help help help help help help help help help help place gust helllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppp .

By Megan , Hayden ,Jacob and Rowan

a dark sight

What an amazing sight this is ! In the city of London there is lots of restraunts with lots of lights in them . The lights are so the people have light . If I lived in London I would walk everywhere in the city ! In London there is some pretty sights from the top of your flats . London is a very nice place to live and one day i will live in London because I would like to see all the pretty lights from on top of the flat that I would like to live in when I am old enough to .

by Dylan and Wezley



wellies in the water

What an interesting sight I think I might report this to the police . Maybe this man is swimming to try and find his watch but the strange thing is that he is doing a handstand in the river it looks like he is doing gymnastics moves . The only thing we saw was the man in the water looking for the watch in the river . It is weird that he had his wellies sticking out , he could of just swam down to the very bottom of the river . If I did that I would get told off by my mummy really bad .


by Wesley and Rowan

welys in the sea

Somebody is in the water with welys on . There is lots of things in it . There is lots of leafs in the water . The jeans look mestearese . The water looks cold. The plancks are in the water .  There is a frog in the water .  The man is looking for his wach . The lake is darty . The lake is runing down . There  is jules . He is doing a handstand . There is a fox . There is a figitspiners . There is a chain . There is a lized . I dont now that he is alive . There is a lost cat in the forist .

by Charlie and Hayden