Ollie and Arlo

My favorite chocolate is milky way because it taste like melted chocolate.

I like to eat chocolate in the garden as its hot and sunny.

It looks like melted, chocolaty fudge or melted caramel like a huge chocolate river.

I like to eat chocolate in the home so it doesn’t melt and I don’t have to share.

If I could I would eat chocolate every day all day !



75 word challenge

The poor old owl is under a bright, orange mushroom because he doesn’t want to get his grey and black fluffy feathers wet.  On the mushroom there is a black millipede sniffing some juicy, tasty food. What horrible weather the weather is in this picture. The long blue raindrops are falling on to the bright green moss and making it all wet. Old owl your claws are sharp, spiky and very shiny and black.

Wot   a   horrid   day   it   is  !   The   owl  is   sheltering   under  the  orange   bright   mushroom. On the ground moss and leaves lay. The baby owl doesn’t want to get wet. She is feeling scared, she wants her mummy. How long will it take until this mushroom falls down?

by Ros

75 word challenge!

The poor owl has flown from Hogwarts Academy and can’t fly because the rain is too strong.

Strongly the gashing wind is blowing like a massive hurricane wiping out creature after creature but only the owl and the blood sucking leech have survived.

on the ground the green, fuzzy moss is tickling poor old owls feet that are gripping to the ground strongly.

I think the owl is just trying to keep his feathers spotlessly clean to show his mum when she comes back from from hunting for yummy little mice that live in small cute and adorable burrows underground.

The owl is roosting under the mushroom waiting for the rain to stop. What heavy rain it is! How waterproof is this orange mushroom? The owl is half wet, half dry, wishing it was in its nice and warm but dark barn, thinking I want to go home.

by Albie

75 word challenge

What  horrible weather it is in the picture !

The owl is under the mushroom so it does not get it’s feathers wet . A millipede is on the mushroom because he wants to eat it and it will taste yummy. The green squelchy moss is laying on the floor like grass.  The wet soaking and annoying rain is crashing down on the mushroom. The owl’s claws are very long and sharp to catch their food and eat it.

75 word challinge

The fluffy spotted owl is sheltering under a  bright  orange mushroom  so it   dosnt  get it’s feathers  don’t get wet  by the splashing  rain .The fluffy  soft mos  is  getting  souced  by the doping  raindrops .

5 sentence challenge

The hi blue sky briers and  beautiful.                                                                                       In the hi hi hi building a fantastic princess lives.

Look at the birds tweeting like mad.

Up in the sky are two birds.

There are pretty flowers in the corner.

by Elena,Megan and Ros