13 thoughts on “Safer Internet Day

  1. it is safer to tell a adult if you Dont like something that someone has sent you. Reggie

    Send people nice messages. Matthew

  2. Today I have learnt how to be safe on the internet. I have learnt how to help people. Mya

    I have learnt to tel a grownup when something went wrong. Jenna

  3. Today I learnt that if someone was sending a rude message to you tell a grown up. Anna

    If the computer goes funny you tell a grown up. Tilly

  4. I have learnt that if you see some thing you don’t like you click Hector because Hector covers the screen.

    By Susan
    I have learnt that there are viruses on most computers.

    By Charlie

  5. Today I lert that you should not send rood mesigs. Erin

    Today I lernt when you have a problem you would click on hekter. Hattie

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