Super hand to the rescue

Wons a pon a time soopu hand will sav the day wons agen . I love you  darling I love you to my love . Yesday soopu hand sarved king caspu and Queen ilzbuf and prinses perll and prince charming . He jest fell out of the ske . He sarved shoogu land from a monstu .The people of his citey was very prad .3 wes a go he savd the school  of yonecons from the spid monser .aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr crid the chidon as they sor the mons . You are my love siad  girl hand yes you a my love siad boy hand now I will cis you .

Fifi and Ros

1 thought on “Super hand to the rescue

  1. Excellent piece of writing and really impressive effort from you both. I was really involved in the writing and found it very interesting!
    Try to remember to use capital letters for names, places and new sentences.
    Very well done though, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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