Spinal Research

On 26.04.2015 my Dad Russell did the London Marithon and he did it. We’re so proud of him and we are still. Every day we make a big smile on our fase. We let him rest for it so he can do it because me and my family love him so much. He did well and it was milse and milse. I think I couldn’t do the marithon.

My Dad Russell did it for the  London Marithon bast on Spinal Research. When I see him, he danses along when he sees us and smiles at us when we see him we wave at him and then we shout go Batten go, go Batten go.i started to cry because I was so proud of him. When my family and my dad got home, my mums brother gave dad a stifercaite and it was a good one too. I love my Daddy so much. I relly do, my dad needs to be famus and rich, my dad should do a nuther marithon. My dad needs to do one milse every day. I know he can do it.

4 thoughts on “Spinal Research

  1. I can understand why you are so proud of your Daddy Sophie. Do you think that you might do the London Marathon when you are older?

  2. I think your Dad should be rich and famous too Sophie ! What a star he is to fit in all that training and then finish the marathon. He is also great at playing Mallet’s Mallet !!!

  3. Well done to your Dad, Sophie. He did brilliantly, and I know that he raised lots of money for his charity as well, so you are right to be proud of him. Maybe you could run shorter race for charity like your Dad? Ed.

  4. What a lovely post Sophie! I’m sure it will have helped your dad to complete the marathon when he heard you saying “Go Batten, go!” . He must be very happy to know you love him so much.
    I watched the marathon too, because my sister ran it. Unfortunately I didn’t see your daddy, but I did cheer for everyone else I saw called Russell!

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