The lost world

Once  upon a time there  were four protectors fire, water, ultimate magic and glitch. One day a  beast came and opened a portal to destroy the world and then they summoned a cosmetic wolf  and a dragon   and then started to battle…the beast summoned evil land worms,  glitch shouted “it comes from a different world!!!!!”. Suddenly they got hit by an evil beam after that fire, water, ultimate magic and glitch used there power to destroy the land worms…then the dragon used there plasma beam and hurt the   beast and  brought it on half health then they  hit the beast with there blades and killed the beast and that was the end of the war.

by jacob

2 thoughts on “The lost world

  1. Well done Jacob, very discriptive on the old dragon!
    But next time try to discribe the beast.
    also how did they get there or why did they do that gob or what?

    By your cosen Megan

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