The mad chicken unicorn!

In the hedge lived a chicken unicorn named Chick Quack.

The chicken unicorn was mad about doughnuts and he had loads.

He said to his freinds”But were would we hide it all?”

They all said “In a darck ,damp hedge!”

They ate lots and lots and lots of delicious doughnuts.

It was fun playing in the garden but they were too tired so they went to the shop and bought some more doughnuts.

They had 9000000000000000000 yummy doughnuts.


After they were eating they had 800000000000000096 left.

They put them back in the hedge and lots and lots of freinds came to eat them.


by Eleanor and Grace!

One thought on “The mad chicken unicorn!

  1. I like the name Eleanar very funny I could lath at it all day.But one thing if you hold the m Botten ti could dammig the concil so tell me about you because we have a lot in commen.

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