Walking in a giant cup with me

Once upon a time we were walking in the park and we saw a giant cup so we went close and we got sucked in and it took them into the normal world but we were smaller and everyone was cups with giant mouths. The houses were teacups with coffy for the roves and the door was surge bags. The big cup was a template to protect us then it was raining cups gently and then it got larger and lager and lager in till it went BANG!!!!!! The thunder storm is coming run Jacob run.

By Megan and Jacob

1 thought on “Walking in a giant cup with me

  1. Hi Megan and Jacob,
    What an interesting idea! I love how creative this is- I wonder how the cup manages to suck people in? A world where humans are tiny and there are giant cups with mouths sounds quite scary! It must also be quite painful if it rains cups. Your story is really imaginative and interesting; maybe try adding in some more punctuation to make it even easier to read.
    Thanks for taking part in 100WC this week.
    Hannah (Team 100) -Birmingham, UK

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