Write your own Ofsted report

We were recently visited by an Ofsted inspection team who graded us as ‘Good’. In your own words, please write your own Inspection report using the following headings:




School Life

14 thoughts on “Write your own Ofsted report

  1. We think this is a good school because it is fun.

    Teaching This school is good because there good at teaching and there nice to us.Mrs Hannam is the best teacher ever.Mr Rocky is really nice to other children and kind.The teachers are really kind.

    learning The learning is good because it is easy and cool!The learning is really good.The children help each other. the best because we get help.We love learning.

    behavior The behavior is really good because they play with each
    other!We have really good behavior.We listen to the teachers and we are very good. We love being good!

    school life is good because they are really nice!We love playing football but i’m rubish.We like playing on the field. It is so fun.

  2. We think this school is good because people are respectful.
    I really like the teaching here because it is fun.
    The learning is very good when it’s maths.
    Everybody likes the behavior because everybody is kind and thoughtful.
    School Life
    School life is fun because we get golden time 30 minutes.

  3. we think this is a good school because we do fun learning and maths.
    it is very interesting because we learn new things every day.
    we learn about Romans for our topic! we know that rich Romans lived in villas.
    we learn English and maths and we really enjoy it. we like doing division and fractions.
    we think everyone behaves well .
    School Life
    the most fun thing is golden time. it is when we take a toy from home into school.

  4. We think this is a good school because we have lots of apparatus.
    The teaching is really really good! If we are stuck they will help us. The teachers are amazing! The teachers chose a good topic the romans.
    We do maths, english, art, science, PE and we do lots more! In maths this week we have been using the grid method. In english we have been discribing different pictures. Sometimes we do boring comprehension.
    Our behaviour is really good but unfortunately some people don’t behave! Normally everybody behaves. Normally it is the little ones that don’t behave.
    School Life
    Play times are really fun because we have lots of friends. Sometimes they an’t very good! The clubs are very fun especially art club and dance club. The apparatus is really fun because we have lots of it.

  5. We like school because it,s fun.

    Teaching Mr rockey is a good teacher because he teaches us on computers.Mr benitn is a good at maths and helping people.Mises hannem is good at helping us for english and.Mises tyler is good at siense because she does siense club.

    Learning We like learning english because it is fun.I like maths because it is fun working out sums. We like curriclum because it,s intresting. We like big write because we learn more. We like qick write because it is 12 minutes long.

    Behaviour In this school there is bad behaviour sometimes. We have good behaviour at this school.There are feindly behaviours in this school. You will have to be good or you will be told of and get sent to Mr rockey.

    School Life there are some clubs in school and out of school. there is siense club
    in school. There is football in the school fealed and tag rugpy. There was computer club befor siense now its at the sametime.

  6. We think this school is good because everyone is kind.
    Our teachers are the best .we have the best topics.
    Our favorite thing to lean is maths.Leaning is great.
    Our behaviour is good.
    School Life
    At the first play we go on the bars.

  7. We think this is a good school because a big sand pit.
    The teachers are good with the children and they have lots of fun when
    they do their learning. The teachers are very well trained because they teach the children very well and the children learn a lot. The teaching is very good and it does
    teach the children a lot but the children have to think. The teaches put the learning in different sections to make the children think about the section they are on.

    The children learn a lot every day and when they come out of school
    they have a lot of things to tell their parents.They learn phonics,English,reading
    and maths and in the afternoon they normally would do their topic. The children learn extremally fast because the teachers are so good at teaching.
    They normally start a subjuct at the start of the week and finish at the end of the week.

    The childrens behaviour is good and they all wase be kind and thought full
    to each other. The children are fair with every thing and they all wase think abot each other.
    School Life
    After school they have lots of clubs and in school times they have lots of PE with
    a man called Mr Killy.

  8. Are school is grate because it’s fun.

    The teaching is good and the teaches are nice.
    we love the teaches because thay give us nice work.
    Maths is fun becaues thay give us chalnges
    Are school is good.
    school life We like to play with each other.

  9. we think this school is good because.

    this school is good because the teachers are very well trained and the teachers are quite stricked and that is good. Mr. Rockey is a very good head teacher because he teaches us learning on the computer.

    the children learn maths,english,science and there topic is romans. this schools learning is a good because everybody listens to the teachers and does their work quietly.

    The behavior is very good because everybody listens to the teachers.

    School Life
    They have a football club a dance club gardening club and a computer club.


  10. We think that this is a good school because
    We think that the teachers are very good at teaching because they are very well trained. When we don’t know how to spell a word the teachers don’t just tell us they help us find it in a dictionary. The teachers some how make our learning as fun as possible and that makes it fun for us.
    A usaull day for us is phonics, english, play time, reading, maths, lunch, topic work or art. on Fridays we have violinin and then golden time at half past two till three o’clock. In english we usaully write a story based on another story or a picture or we do comprehehension.
    Our behaviour is very good because all of westwood school follow the golden rules. We are all nice to each other and we look after each other when we are sad. When we hurt our selves someone always comes to help us.
    School Life
    Our school life is fun and we all get on with each other. Fows help with school advents.

  11. We think that this school is good because that we are all very healthly.
    The teachers are very talented people because they teach us amazing things. The teachers are very kind because they teach us cool things.The teachers try really hard with are writing.
    We love to learn about how the Romans used to live there lives. We like to do storys about different things. Awso we like to learn different things in sience.
    Are behaviour in this school is very good because evryone looks after evryone else. Evryone in this school listens to the teachers and does what there told. No one herts anyones feelings because evryone likes each other.
    School Life We like the summer fairs because we raise lots of money for chairity.

  12. We think this School is good because we have interesting things going on in the classes.

    Teaching The teachers do good at teaching because they are nice.

    Behaviour The behaviour at school is good.

    Learning The maths that are teachers do are very good ecspesly the devision.
    School Life This school is the best place.

  13. we think this is a good school because we get to play a lot!
    We are learning about Romans.

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